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Double Wire Paper Bind Wire Twist Ties

  • Natural Paper covered 2 iron wire.
  • Precut into some common size for quick use.
  • Biodegradable materials. 
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The double wire paper twist ties use for garden and florist.


Some Common Sizes:

Item No.s Width x Length x Packing
T4015 8mm x 10cm x 1000pcs / bundles
T4016 8mm x 12cm x 1000pcs / bundles
T4017 8mm x 15cm x 1000pcs / bundles
T4018 8mm x 20cm x 1000pcs / bundles
T4019 8mm x 25cm x 1000pcs / bundles
T4020 8mm x 30cm x 1000pcs / bundles


Quality :                 According with Eurpean RoHs rule.

Custom-made :      Width, Length, Color, Packaging is available.

OEM :                     is available.

Production Width :    5mm - 15mm is available.

Production Length :   Pre-cut 4cm - 90cm is available.