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Garden Plant Plastic Nursery Tray With Holes

  • Made of solid food grade plastic material.
  • It can effectively improve the seeding survival rate.
  • It is widely used in balcony garden etc..
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  • Ventilation Holes: Our seed starter pots are equipped with humidity-adjustable ventilation domes, which can easily adjust the indoor temperature and humidity which improves the germination rate of seeds along with the survival rate of seedlings.

  • Drainage Holes + Trays: Drainage holes designed at the bottom of the nursery cell can drain excess water. The trays collect excess water and soil to keeping all clean and tidy.

Item No.
P68516 holes 
P685212 holes 
P685314 holes 
P685424 holes 
P685548 holes 

Quality :According with Eurpean RoHs rule.

Custom-made:Size, Color, Packaging is available.

OEM :is available.