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100pcs/bag Paper Printed Metal Floral Stem Binding Wire

  • Color paper covered an iron wire.
  • Pre cut to some common sizes for quickly use.
  • Biodegradable product, use for floral and DIY crafts.
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  • Material: Florist wires are made of high-quality iron wire, durable and not easy to rust; soft and flexible, can be bent into any shape you want, easy to shape and cut.
  • Easy to Use: Each floral stem wire is pre-cut and not easily broken, very convenient, which is can save your time for flower arrangement.
  • Exquisite: Each stem wire is exquisite in workmanship and suitable in size, suitable for use as stems for floral projects, making your DIY craft perfect.
  • Applications: Green floral wire is very suitable for floral and craft projects, like bouquet packaging, DIY artificial flowers, wedding bouquets, Christmas wreaths, garden decorations.
Item No.Diameter x Length x Packaging
W7150-130G(0.30mm) x 40cm x 100pcs / bag
W7150-230G(0.30mm) x 36cm x 100pcs / bag
W7152-128G(0.38mm) x 40cm x 100pcs / bag
W7152-228G(0.38mm) x 36cm x 100pcs / bag
W7154-126G(0.45mm) x 40cm x 100pcs / bag
W7154-226G(0.45mm) x 36cm x 100pcs / bag
W7156-124G(0.55mm) x 40cm x 100pcs / bag
W7156-224G(0.55mm) x 36cm x 100pcs / bag
W7158-122G(0.70mm) x 40cm x 100pcs / bag
W7158-222G(0.70mm) x 36cm x 100pcs / bag
W7160-120G(0.90mm) x 40cm x 100pcs / bag
W7160-220G(0.90mm) x 36cm x 100pcs / bag

Quality : According with Eurpean RoHs rule.

 Custom-made : Diameter, Color, Length, Packaging is available.

 OEM :  is available.