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Garden Plastic Tape Bind Tool Tying Machine

  • Time-saving, it takes less time.
  • It has a high work efficiency and does not damage plants .
  • Used for different kinds of plants such as grapes, tomatoes.
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  • Unique design: large opening design can bundle more branches, and pull-out design for loading nails is more convenient.
  • Durable and sturdy: Made of high-quality materials, the straps are stronger and more durable, and the blades are sharper.
  • Easy to operate: With a gentle press, you can hook onto the tape and easily bundle the plants, making the operation simple.
  • Wide range of application: It can be used on different types of plants, such as the stems and vines of grapes, tomatoes, etc., and can also be used on the branches of some plants.


Item No. Size
33cm x 6cm

Quality : According with Eurpean RoHs rule.

Custom-made : Color, Packaging is available.

OEM :  is available.