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However, one product that can make the art of floral arranging much easier is by using some RONGFA floral tape. Because of the one-of-a-kind characteristics as well its advantages, lots of florists in addition to flower enthusiasts employ green floral tape for his or her floral creations. 

Benefits of Floral Tape - Innovation and Safety

A primary pro of floral tape is that it comes in a genius design. Marketed for use in flower arranging, this RONGFA tape has a light adhesive on one side making it easy to attach the stems of flowers. It is also flexible and can rightly fits to resemble the natural shapes of curves plant materials. 

Apart from the unique design, floral ribbon is also famous for its safety. Made from non-toxic compounds, it is also completely safe when used around plants especially near ones sensitive to chemicals or residues. This guarantees your fragile or exotic flowers such as orchids never are damaged while setting. 

Why choose RONGFA Floral tape?

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