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Grüner Blumendraht

1. Einleitung

Are you looking for versatile and eco-friendly material to create beautiful floral arrangements? Look no further than green floral wire.


2. Vorteile


Green floral wire is an innovative product that offers many advantages over traditional floral wire. Firstly,  RONGFA Bindedraht is made from recycled materials, which makes it a more environmentally friendly option.


Secondly, it has a green coating that blends in with foliage, making it less noticeable in floral arrangements.


Thirdly, it is strong and flexible, making it easy to shape and manipulate into various designs.

3. Innovation

Green floral wire is a modern innovation in the floral industry. Instead of using conventional wire made from new metal, it uses a thin wire core wrapped in a layer of recycled plastic. This  RONGFA Blumendraht allows the wire to be both strong and flexible, allowing it to hold flowers and foliage securely in place while being easy to shape.

Why choose RONGFA Green floral wire?

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