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Toys are not just objects used for play; they are the children’s favorite companion while providing them entertainment and enhancing their creativity and understanding of the world. The toys’ eyes have been an essential part of their construction, as they give the toy ad face and eyes the imagination in the playing child. There is so much about the toy eyes that one would like to learn more, starting from the importance of having the eyes on the toy and why they must be the most exciting part of the toy. How easy or difficult is it putting the toy eyes to give the toy life, and most importantly, is it safe having such part on a child’s play toy?. These are some of the areas one would like to read and learn more. Conclusion

Additional Applications of Toy Eyes

Toy eyes are also seen in a lot of toys like cuddly plush friends to crazy cool action figures. These eyes come in all different shapes, sizes and are specially design to the specific needs of each toy making them even more playful.

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