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100pcs/bag Normal Chenille Stems Pipe Cleaners

  • Colorful soft yarns covered two iron wire.
  • Ideal for DIY crafting material, can do varios shapes and crafts. 
  • Common specifications and colors are easy to use directly.
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  • Chenille Stems: The assorted pipe cleaners are made of premium wire exquisite fiber, they are flexible, durable, easy to twist&bend&wrap, the colors are very vibrant,the material is soft, safe for kids to use.
  • Pipe Cleaners for Kids: Craft pipe cleaners can used in kindergarten DIY manual courses, can make various shapes, ncouraging creativity and imagination. The colors are so vibrant and durable.
  • Wide Application: Pastel pipe cleaners can form various shapes, like flowers, fruit, animals and any you can Imaginary object. Also suitable for classroom activities, family activities, craft projects, psychological aids, holiday decoration, science project.
Item No. Diameter x Length x Packing
C1030 3mm x 30cm x 100 pcs/bag
C1040 4mm x 30cm x 100 pcs/bag
C1050 5mm x 30cm x 100 pcs/bag
C1060 6mm x 30cm x 100 pcs/bag
C1080 8mm x 30cm x 100 pcs/bag

 Quality : According with Eurpean EN71-3 rule, and American CPC.

 Custom-made : Diameter, Color, Length, Packaging is availables.

 OEM :  is availables.