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1000 pcs/bag Colorful Plastic Twist Ties

  • Colored plastic covers a wire.
  • Pre cut to some common sizes for quickly use.
  • A general bind material for small foodbag.
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  • Rugged and Reusable: The reusable twist ties heavy duty are rugged and rupture free. The strong plastic material ensures their reusability. Our twist ties heavy duty have a bendable wire that makes them ideal choice for use as a nose wire.
  • Flexible: Easily bendable wire tie (Galvanised Coated Iron Wire). Turn and twist in any direction and stays in that twisted position for as long as you want.
  • USES:Plastic twist ties can be used for bread bags, coffee bags, organizing wires, wire coils and cables. They can easily put the branches of plants together to organize your garden to meet multiple needs. Reusable tie, one-time purchase can be used for a long time.
  • 1000 pcs/bag Colorful Plastic Twist Ties factory

    Item No. Width x Length x Packing
    T3028 4mm x 8cm x 1000pcs/bag
    T3048 4mm x 10cm x 1000pcs/bag
    T3068 4mm x 12cm x 1000pcs/bag

    Quality : According with Eurpean RoHs rule

    Custom-made : Width, Length, Color, Packaging is available.

    OEM :  is available.

    Production Width : 3mm - 20mm is available.

    Produciton Length : 4cm - 99cm is available.